product feature: lotus stem masks

an eco-friendly mask that looks good and is ethical.


our collaboration with a factory in cambodia took months in the making to design a mask that was both ethical and complementing to our first collection ebb and flow. we wanted to create a mask, but not just any mask – something that was both gentle to the skin and to the environment. hand sewn by female cambodian artisans, our eco-friendly face masks are made of organic cotton and lotus stems that are typically discarded. this 3-ply mask contains lotus microfiber that’s anti-bacterial, super breathable and ultra-soft.

the lotus microfiber is an eco-friendly fabric that contains no chemicals or toxic products. production of the microfiber requires no water, electricity oil and gas – that means zero pollution. it’s the most ecological fabric in the world that’s made while preserving our planet’s precious resources.

the mask

  • first natural microfibre in the world
  • superior in terms of filtration. comfort and breathability compared to synthetic microfiber (medical-grade face masks)
  • 2 layers of certified organic cotton which filter all microbes bigger than 1 micron
  • middle layer of ultra-thin lotus microfiber which filters virus smaller as 0.01 micron
  • 99% anti bacterial which means prevention of bacteria from forming, or killing it within 24 hours
  • received certification uns2/afnor by the association francaise de normalization
  • able to withstand 40 washes

female empowerment

the factory believes in empowering vulnerable women from rural cambodia to be financially independent, thus reviving an ancestral technique that had been undermined during the khmer rouge period. they equip and train the unemployed women so that they are able to create the lotus mobs from home whilst taking care of their children. a worker who spends an hour to create a mob for five face masks can earn around $0.50 per mob. if a worker did the job together with her family members, they will be able to earn around $20 per day.

the wages earned by the workers are twice what they would receive from other textile work in the country. additionally, the factory ensures that these female workers have access to a number of benefits, including trade union rights, paid leave and health insurance.

giving back to the society

100% of our profits are donated to star shelter – a charity our customers and followers have chosen. to maximise the donation from the profits made, all masks will be sent in the original packaging they came in, with zero fluff, pure minimalism. the promotional campaign images were shot at minimal cost by our resident photographer arianna, who just moved to gold coast and approached her new neighbour to model the masks. here’s to transparency.

terrablush mask

terrablush face mask

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