terrablush high waisted shorts

the brand

conceived from a vision of delicate watercolours, painterly brush strokes and neutral gradients, terrablush is a clothing label that combines timeless functionality with femininity. our design language pays homage to beauty: the fleeting seasons, structural symmetry and textural nuances.

an ode to the nomadic lifestyle, terrablush is an urbanite with a wanderer’s soul.
a glorious tribute to one-way ticket adventures involving mountain flanked valleys, endless coastal routes and meandering sidewalks amidst towering skyscrapers.

community engagement is a priority. It is deeply rooted in our dna to collaborate with fellow creative souls who share our vision for beauty, adventure and creation.

we believe in designing clothes for people we care about.

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as creators, leaders, and self starters, we support small businesses alike and promote collaboration.


we are in it for the long run, a community that’s here to stay based on empathy and care.


we will learn and grow. we are greater than we make ourselves to be.
terrablush tent maxi dress


what is a community?

it is a sense of belonging. 
a safe space for us to intertwine and integrate
our mutual visions of beauty, adventure
and creation.

let’s connect.
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