interview: juliette and jeanne

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a tale of two sisters – juliette and jeanne d’udekem d’acoz




describe a perfect day.. during lockdown

juliette: a perfect day during lockdown is getting lots of sleep, waking up on a summer morning, having a slow breakfast and being able to read the news. doing something productive in the day (food grocery shopping, laundry, exercise), going for a long walk and listening to a podcast. and then cooking some yummy food at the end of the day!

jeanne: early walk in spring when the sun is out but the air is still fresh in the morning. a coffee at the dining table, catching up on emails and wandering through pinterest. a yummy healthy lunch and then a lay down in the sun listening to the bristling of trees. at night, a good movie in my matching pyjamas set with my sister and an early night after having applied my refreshing skin care products.

women of today, in three words

juliette: empowered, intelligent, impressive

jeanne: boundless, guarded, solidarity

superpower you wish you had right now (and how you’d use it)

juliette: the ability to travel whenever and wherever i want. i’d use it to go visit my family in belgium!

jeanne: flying, so i could listen to music, and feel freed.

the holy grail of delivery food

juliette: thai food

jeanne: bahn mi, vietnamese food

current anthem of 2020

juliette: avril 14th – murcof, vanessa wagner

jeanne: mystery of love – sufjan stevens


thank you, juliette and jeanne.

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