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it is deeply rooted in our dna to collaborate with fellow creative souls who share our vision of beauty, adventure and creation. as a small business owner, working with fellow independent owners was also a priority. let nothing come in between our dreams and goals.

i met the talented jing from littlewoodloft in 2017. as kindred spirits united in our love for complementing pantone colour hues. jing was the first person i thought of who i knew could best translate my ideas into the perfect illustration for my maiden collection.

the print from our maiden collection was finalised after months of trial and error. everything – from the design, down to the size of the strokes and colours – was tweaked numerous times before we decided on the final look for ebb and flow. i felt absolutely guilty but our final product was something that i am very proud. it best encapsulates the story of ebb and flow, and also of myself, the founder of terrablush (the name’s charmaine by the way!).

jing wears a size l for the kimono
ebb and flow for terrablush
the print for ebb and flow


first impressions of terrablush?

stylish with a feminine touch of bold.

how many rounds did it take for you to perfect the illustration?

many. but it only got better and better and i’m thankful for charmaine’s amazing eye for design and detail. no doubt there were little kinks in the technical aspects of fabric printing initially, but she was on the ball and took care of it all. it was a pleasant experience knowing that we share a common liking towards certain aesthetics, and the confidence she had in my artistic style gave me the joy and freedom to create.

how do you think the current collection ebb and flow relates to life?

life is fleeting. But therein lies the beauty of change, and cherishing what’s truly important.

mantra for 2020

make time for the little things.

5 things today that give you strength and hope

just one: trusting in god’s perfect timing – knowing i’m where i’m meant to be, doing what I’m called to do, during this brief journey on earth.

such beautiful words jing, thank you for being you.


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